Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers.

We empower migrant domestic workers to invest in themselves through financial and empowerment education. Our workshops equip migrant domestic workers with the tools to save, budget, and plan for greater financial security.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have welcomed: 10,000+ participants to our 650+ workshops with 45,000+ family members in home countries impacted. We have developed our programme offerings now to support women at each stage of the migration journey: before she leaves her home country, after she has arrived in Hong Kong, whilst she is working here, and when she is ready to plan for return or reintegration to her home.


We also provide one-to-one financial counselling service to address specific financial issues such as high-levels of debt. Our hotline is open to both migrant domestic workers and their employers.

Financial and empowerment education is the solution to the challenges faced widely by migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. After taking part in our programmes:

  • 74% feel more confident managing their debts*
  • 64% reduce spending*
  • 70% now have a plan for their future*

(* Findings from Enrich Impact Evaluation Study 2015)

If you are an employer, find out how you can help your helper by sponsoring her education at Enrich.

If you are a migrant woman, find out how our workshops can help you save, budget and plan for your future.