Why I Enrich… the McCoys: “Generosity from the employers is not enough”


Enrich supporters are a diverse group of individuals – both employers of domestic workers and not, and of a wide range of ages and backgrounds. What they share is a common desire to see migrant domestic workers work in security whilst in Hong Kong and be able to comfortably retire after years of hard-work.

Eliza and Michael McCoy, Vice Chairman of CLSA Capital Partners, came to learn about Enrich, when their daughter, Ella, started volunteering with us. Longtime Hong Kongers, the McCoys had employed a few domestic workers. Despite their best efforts as a family – including once a retirement gift of HK$200,000, they cannot “remember one happy ending for any of the domestic workers who have worked so hard of us for years and years in Hong Kong”. None of their domestic workers were able to return home to a financially secure retirement. So the Enrich mission to equip migrant women with the tools to save, budget, and plan for a future with greater financial security was a personal one.

The McCoys feel much needs to be done to support the 340,000+ migrant domestic workers who enable for many Hong Kong families to do more whilst keeping our homes in order. Employer’s generosity is not enough, and “like all of us, migrant domestic workers need support and tools to develop good money management behaviour; otherwise they go home with no viable livelihood opportunities or retirement plans”. The McCoys shared their story in time for International Migrants Day in hopes of raising awareness and support for economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers through a Letter to the Editor, published in the South China Morning Post on 17th December 2016 “Migrant workers must be taught good money management skills”. (Read their full letter on SCMP: here.)

We are grateful to the McCoys for sharing their voice and speaking up for greater support for migrant domestic workers through financial and empowerment education. Please share the McCoys’ story and join us in promoting the economic empowerment of migrant women. Share your story with us: tell us why you support Enrich’s work at info@enrichhk.org.

by Victoria Ahn, External Relations Officer, Enrich HK

Read the full Letter to the Editor “Migrant workers must be taught good money management skills” on South China Morning Post: here.

2017 is Enrich’s 10 Anniversary year. For 10 years we have been educating and empowering migrant domestic workers to change the ways they and their families manage money to achieve a more financially stable future. Help us to we reach our next 10,000: here

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