Agrina Sandri, TrainerPP
Agrina spent her early life in Jakarta before living in various locations such as Germany, Thailand and Singapore, and speaks Bahasa Indonesia, English and German. Hong Kong has been her current base for over eight years. She is passionate about helping her countrywomen empower themselves to make a better life and become better providers for their family. Involved with Enrich since 2007, she looks forward to continue as a Trainer, and see migrant domestic workers become successful in managing their finances and their return home to start a new life.

Amalia Kandou-Couesnon, TrainerAmalia Kandou-Coesnon, Trainer
After 15 years of professional career in Jakarta, Amalia has lived in Sydney and various cities in China before settling in Hong Kong. Amalia is passionate about personal development and believes that every person wants to learn and strive for a better living condition if given the tools and opportunity. She understands the struggles of the migrant workers and assisted Fair Employment Agency, the first ethical recruitment company for domestic helpers in town. Amalia is a certified trainer within the hospitality industry and holds an undergraduate degree in Human Resources and International Business from University of Maryland, USA.

Apriana Chrisnawati, Trainer
Apriana is originally from Central Java, Indonesia. She has been working in Hong Kong since 2004. Prior to that, Apriana worked with children, youth and women group in various congregations in Germany. Currently working in the business and finance sector, Apriana has ample previous experience working with empowerment and enrichment programmes for migrant domestic workers

Betty Listianti, TrainerBetty
After a decade’s experience in Germany, Betty has worked and lived in Hong Kong since 2005. Her previous work placements were in the media industry. Her multi-cultural background and her present position as Assistant Manager of Helpers for Domestic Helpers, a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) providing free advice to migrant domestic workers, make her a valuable Enrich team member. She speaks Bahasa Indonesia, English and German. Betty is a very social person and always enjoys good company.

Cecile Morais, Trainer

FullSizeRenderCecile holds multiple degrees in Political Science, International Marketing and International Business Law.  Having lived in the Philippines, Germany, Canada and Macau, she has had direct relations with and has worked closely with migrant domestic workers.  She also has experience working in the financial industry and with NGOs.  She has been living in Hong Kong for the past four years, and upon seeing the plight of migrant women in Hong Kong, she is happy to join Enrich to help empower them.


Christy Themar, Trainer

Empowering people through education enhances their capabilities while fostering sustainable skill sets that can have a lifetime impact. Having a deep understanding and appreciation of this, a combination of a strong background in migration issues and professional expertise have driven Christy’s passion to work with domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines. Her passion is focused on advocating for greater access, better quality, and diversification of instruction, in order for people to reach their full potential. Christy has recently founded her own consultancy firm which supports educational initiatives within the non-profit community.

Ethel Del Fierro, Accounts Officer and TrainerEthel Del Fierro, Trainer
Having completed her collegiate education with a major in Financial Management, Ethel joined the banking sector and worked for over eight years for HSBC, with exposures in both retail and corporate functions. After moving to Hong Kong, she worked as an office manager, handling HR and administrative matters, and currently works as an Education Assistant for ESF Kindergarten. As a volunteer, Ethel taught catechism to young children of church groups in Central and Tung Chung. Originally from the Philippines, Ethel is determined to support migrant domestic workers to develop the skills that will help them to make better financial decisions.

Lucinda Pike, Senior Programme Manager and TrainerLucinda pike, Trainer
Lucinda believes in empowering others through education to help reduce the inequalities in society. She is passionate about helping Enrich educate and equip migrant domestic workers with the financial and life skills to pursue their goals and dreams. At Enrich, Lucinda manages programmes activities, also running workshops and financial counselling sessions herself as a trainer. Her background is in teaching Psychology, managing a private school, and conducting research and community outreach with women and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Ping Somporn Bevan, Senior TrainerPing Somporn Bevan, Senior Trainer
Ping is originally from Thailand. Over the past 18 years, Ping has experienced a variety of diverse countries and cultures on three continents having lived and worked for blue chip multinational corporations in the fields of shipping, aviation and education. Ping studied English Language and Literature at Thammasat University in Bangkok. She is a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualified teacher and now teaches English to speakers of other languages.

Pritya Pravina, TrainerPritya Pravina, Trainer Enrich HK
Pritya was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Business Administration and has been working in scientific research and banking for 9 years, including 3 years in Hong Kong. She was drawn to get involved with Enrich after hearing the struggles faced by migrant workers in Hong Kong. “The 6-month mentoring program really made me realize that we can make an impact by working with and supporting people near us. Many of the migrant women workers are very young and they can write a better future if given the direction, encouragement, and opportunity to learn and improve themselves,” said Pritya.

Raul Benjamin Puentespina, Head of Financial EducationRaul Benjamin Puentespina, Head of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Training
Raul Benjamin has worked in the field of Finance, Administration, Operations, Training, Language Interpretation, Sales and Marketing in various multinational companies, government and church- based organisations in Hong Kong and the Philippines. He holds a Masters degree in Business Management and is fluent in English, Tagalog and Cebuano. He is an entrepreneur, published author, bird watcher and photographer. Raul has been facilitating Enrich’s financial literacy and business development trainings since Enrich was founded in 2007.