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“I just wanted to say that Matty attended the first ‘Setting Up Your Business’ workshop last Sunday. She thoroughly enjoyed it and feels really energised to start planning a future business. She came back excited after the course and said it was a really high quality course. I think she was a bit cautious about going on the course because she has had so many experiences in the past of courses been poorly run or aimed at extorting money from her. Many thanks to you and your wonderful charity!” – Amanda Maxwell (EMPLOYER)

“My helper learned a lot in the Money Wise Migrant workshop.  She was very happy with the class, because she learnt what no one ever taught her before.  It was an eye-opener for her.” – Harumi Nakamura (EMPLOYER)


“My helper LOVED the Money Wise Migrants workshop. Fortunately for us, she came to us with no debts whatsoever. Also, she already had good money saving habits, and as she has no dependents, she has managed to put away a fair amount of her earnings. She also comes from a well-educated, professional family which owns property, yet she still got a lot out of this one workshop. It made her look more closely at how she was saving, and to consider how she could improve on it. It also helped her galvanise some of her goals. While I imagine these workshops are an excellent help for those in debt, they can also benefit all migrant workers.” – Gwen Dahlberg (Employer)

“In the past, I did not know where to go and how to get to my goals. After Enrich training, I likened myself to someone who learned how to drive a car. I now know when to stop, go or turn to be able to reach the destination I wanted to go.” – Money Wise Migrants participant

Enrich helping migrant women

“I learned to keep my expenses to a minimum, especially on things that are not necessary. I refuse to bring too much cash whenever I come back to the Philippines for my vacation. I also asked my son who is now in college to make a budget for the allowance that I send him. Overall, I am very happy with the savings I’ve made, the investment and insurance I purchased to ensure that I am fully covered as well.“  – Remia, Investments for Migrants participant

“After this training, I will manage my money wisely.”

 – Lea Fuentevilla, Money Wise Migrants participant

“I loved the seminar, I wish it could have been longer.
 It was really helpful. Now I decided to track down my 
expenses, check my balance from every month’s 
salary and be focused in my goal of saving.
 Now I would say, increase my savings and lessen my expenses! Amen!  Please organise more seminars so we can help our co-workers gain more knowledge and be guided in good budgeting and handling their finances.” Lillie Bigsang, Money Wise Migrants participant

Financial Literacy“I enjoyed sharing our experiences about our family expenses back home. The workshop taught me to put my budgeting plans into action. I would recommend this course to my friends.”  – Alma Alcular, Money Wise Migrant participant

“Thanks to Enrich for enlightening our minds!” Ranjani, Money Wise Migrants participant

“From now on, I’ll budget my money wisely and learn to explain (to others) how should we use money.” – Yolanda Sarmiento, Money Wise Migrants participant

“I really have to share with my sister and friends what I learned on this course!” – Razel, Money Wise Migrants participant

“The course taught me to have self-discipline and save for my goals. It also taught me how to manage my money” – Maria, Money Wise Migrants participant

“Because of this training I am now aware of how to spend my money and try to avoid debt.”  – Gemma, Money Wise Migrants participant

“Having participated in the Enrich workshop at Credit Suisse, I was very impressed with the empowerment Enrich delivers to migrant workers. A truly powerful mission.  My husband and I thought that it would be a great thing to enable even more migrant workers to participate in this great program.  We wish Enrich continued success in enabling people, who have not had the good for fortune to grow up in a wealthy country, build their own lives and existence for themselves and their families back home!”  – Florence, CS Volunteer

“[On mentoring session] It ran very smoothly and I really felt that I had inspired the participants on budgeting.” Pricilla, CS Volunteer

Success Stories

Nene’s Story

“In the past I only had a radio but now I have my own computer and internet shop. Thanks to Enrich for the lesson to save even a little amount regularly. From my savings I was able to purchase the computer units and operate my internet shop back home.”

Success Story NeneNene’s story is similar to most migrant domestic workers who came to Hong Kong. She wants a better life and future for her family and a good education for her children. She is separated from her husband and left her five children to the care of her parents in the province. Her life in Hong Kong revolved around work, organising and attending parties with friends, plus shopping, shopping and more shopping – buying things for herself and things to send back home for her family.

She found herself owing money to people and agencies to cover for all the shopping she had done. Any extra money she had to send back home for emergencies, and this was all well beyond what she earned. This made her decide to spend her day off as a volunteer at the Bayanihan Centre. For her, spending her day off in a place away from all the ‘temptations’ of shopping was one of the solutions.

She attended Enrich’s Good Habits with Money Course in 2008. Five years later, she has a different story to tell. Happy and proud, Nene now owns a small internet shop in the province. She bought computer units with the money she regularly set aside every day. After the Enrich course, Nene realised that she really has to be very wise in spending her hard-earned cash. The internet shop provides additional money for her family’s day-to-day needs. This allowed Nene to keep and save more money here in Hong Kong, and plan for her retirement as well. She is now looking forward to soon spending her retirement time with her beloved family; mother, children and grand-children.

Remia’s Story

“In the past, I didn’t know where to go and how to get there. After Enrich’s training, I compare myself to someone who learned how to drive a car. I now know when to stop or use the brakes, when to go, or turn to be able to reach the destination I want to go to.”

Success Story RemiaRemia is a single mother who had to support her child as she could not rely on the child’s father. She worked for an expatriate family in the Philippines, but then decided to go to Hong Kong hoping she would be able to earn more.  The processing of papers happened smoothly as her employer paid for all of the related expenses. She found herself in Hong Kong – usually alone in Chater Gardens – during her first few months, trying to find friends and companions. She was pressured to take out loans with them for the sake of ‘pakikisama’ (to get along well). She was so scared about this experience that she really had to push herself to pay off these loans as soon as she could.

Reflecting on this experience, Remia compared herself to someone who did not know how to drive. But, after the Enrich’s financial literacy training, she learned how to manoeuvre, use brakes when needed and proceed in the direction that would lead her to her goals.

She kept to a minimum her expenses on things that are not necessary, and refused to bring lots of cash when she went on vacation to the Philippines. She is very happy with the savings she made and the investments and insurance she purchased to ensure that she is fully covered and protected.

Remia passed on the lesson to her son who is now in college. She asks him to prepare a budget for the allowance she is sending him every month.

Daisy’s Story

Success Story Daisy“Before I joined Enrich’s courses, I was a woman without any money and I could not set up anything. After I attended Enrich’s courses, I have grown like a flower. I now have my own colour after studying with Enrich. I can manage a lot of my expenses from my own salary. I now feel confident.

Thanks to studying with Enrich, I can write a budget and l also learned a bit about accountancy, debit, credit, money management and many other things. I learned how to work properly. I learned how to do the preparation before cooking, and then finish my work at my employer’s house.

Me personally: my life has lots of colours, lots of flavours. I love my family through managing my finance. I am saving for me personally and for short-term and long-term goals for my family.”

Daisy, Indonesian Participant

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