Board of Directors

isa-linkedinIsabelle Ensarguet, Board Chair
Isabelle has ten years professional experience in the non-profit sector. She has a passion for international development and financial inclusion, having previously worked for a French financial development institution.
Abhishek Rawat, Enrich DirectorAbhishek Rawat, Director and Treasurer
Abhishek Rawat is currently involved in the investment management business at China Merchants Securities in Hong Kong. He has over 15 years of financial industry experience having previously worked at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Lehman Brothers. Abhishek has a Management degree from IIM Ahmedabad, India, and a Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, India.

Abhishek was first connected to Enrich as part of a volunteer consulting session organised by Asian Charity Services in 2012. The Vision and Mission of Enrich together with the dedication of Enrich's founding team members towards its cause attracted Abhishek to build a deeper relationship with Enrich as a Director on its Board.

Anjali Harjani-Hardasani, Director of Human Resources and OperationsAnjali Harjani-Hardasani, Director
Anjali is the owner of Malabar Baby, a baby bedding brand HQ in HK. Prior to launching Malabar Baby, Anjali spent about a decade working in Human Resources at Morgan Stanley (NY) and Credit Suisse (HK). She was a Business Partner at both MS and CS where she helped frontline businesses promote and retain key talent and build diverse workforces. She has been a member of the Enrich family for 4.5 years and loves spending time on career development and counseling for both the Enrich staff and Enrich’s mentees/graduates.
Annelotte Walsh, Communications DirectorAnnelotte Walsh, Director
Annelotte Walsh is honorary lecturer at the faculty of Politics and Public Administration of Hong Kong University. Annelotte has previously worked for UNICEF Australia and the United Nations Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia. In 2016 Annelotte completed her PhD in children’s rights at the faculty of Law at Hong Kong University. Annelotte has a BA and MA in International Relations, and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. Annelotte is originally from the Netherlands, but has also lived and worked in Canada, UK, Spain, Tanzania and Australia. She has been living in Hong Kong since 2010.

Annelotte first came into contact with Enrich through her work as a consultant with Asian Charity Services (ACS). During this time she experienced first hand the passion and commitment of Enrich’s team towards helping improve the lives migrant women in Hong Kong. From her work in the field of children’s rights, Annelotte knows that the rights and interests of children are closely intertwined with those of women and that empowering migrant women through financial literacy training will not only improve the lives of the women themselves but also their families and children.
Christina Kautzky, Director
Christina Kautzky is a Director with Credit Suisse Asset Management. She has been in finance for over a decade in a variety of roles in Hong Kong and previously Tokyo. She has always been active in corporate philanthropy and women's networks over the years. Her desire to be more hands on and to support the financial literacy and education of migrant workers brought her to Enrich, where she was first an Advisor and then a Board Member.
Daisy Dic Sze Tam, DirectorDaisy Dic Sze Tam, Director
Daisy is a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at the Hong Kong Baptist University. She received her PhD in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London and MA in Comparative Literature from University College London. Since returning to Hong Kong three years ago, she expanded her research area to include migrant domestic workers, particularly Filipino migrant women in Hong Kong.
Tim Carey, DirectorTim Carey, Director
Tim is a lecturer and a consultant in talent development. He has held the position of Professional Consultant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the past 10 years, during which he has taught and mentored graduate and undergraduate psychology students in Psychology. Previously, Tim was the Director of Consulting Services for Greater China at Personnel Decisions International (now Korn Ferry). As well, Tim is a partner at atrain, Ltd. Hong Kong, where he provides talent development consulting services throughout Greater China, Europe and the Middle East. He was educated in the United States and holds a PhD in Industrial/Organisational Psychology.

Tim met Sophie Paine before Enrich existed and joined her in delivering trainings in Hong Kong to migrant workers on managing finances. Having seen up close the obstacles such workers face in Hong Kong and with a passion for financial literacy, he joined Enrich soon after the organisation was founded. Starting as a trainer, he then joined the Board and has been delivering services to the company as a Board Member since 2008.