Mission, Vision and Values

Enrich is the leading Hong Kong charity promoting the economic empowerment of migrant domestic workers.

We empower migrant domestic workers to invest in themselves through financial and empowerment education. Our workshops equip migrant women with the tools to save, budget, and plan for greater financial security.

Financial and empowerment education is the solution to the challenges faced widely by migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.


To empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, regardless of nationality or background, to transform their lives through financial education and personal development programmes.


We envisage a world in which migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong are empowered and financially capable, achieving their life goals and creating positive long-term impact for themselves, their families and their communities.



Empowerment lies at the heart of our organisation. We work to empower migrant domestic workers to take greater control of their finances and to realise their hopes for a better future.


We strive towards inclusion in everything we do. We recognise migrant domestic workers as valuable members of Hong Kong society who deserve opportunities for personal and financial development regardless of nationality, language skills, or levels of education.


We realise that much more can be achieved if we work together with other organisations to achieve our mission and goals. We use a collaborative style in interacting both within our team and with our partners and participants.


Passion and commitment are the driving force behind our people, who continuously prove to go above and beyond their responsibilities to serve our beneficiaries.


We strongly believe in transparency, honesty and accountability. We work independently from financial institutions and we do not sell or promote any financial products as part of our programmes.

Our Work

We empower migrant domestic workers through financial and empowerment education. Learn more: here.