Balance on a Shoestring

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The Balance on a Shoestring challenge asks participants to live on a migrant domestic worker’s budget for five days. Participants get an unique insight to the everyday lives of migrant domestic workers and raise funds to support Enrich Financial and Empowerment Education Programmes.


50% of (HK$4,310 + HK$1,037 ) over 31 days*

These extraordinary women shape our lives, and our children’s lives. They look after our homes and after us, making our lives that much easier so that we can live our lives the way we want. Meanwhile, they sacrifice so much in hopes of a brighter and more financially stable future with their families. 

The BOSS challenge showed me just how near impossible those dreams are to materialise. When the pennies are shy, the instinctive and easiest option is to push saving plans to the bottom of the priority pile. 

It is not too much to ask to support them, equipping them with the tools they need and help them realise the rewards of their sacrifice.

– Toby, #EnrichBOSS 2016 participant

* Migrant domestic workers send an average of 50-60% of their salary home every month. The MAW is HK$4,310 and the minimum food allowance is HK$1,037. By law, transportation costs should be covered by the employer. Each month, the average migrant domestic worker has just HK$86.20 to cover food and personal expenses that may include: clothing, phone bills, church tithes, but also perhaps debt payments and emergency costs.

Take part in the challenge as an individual or together as a team and compete with other challenge participants. Test your resilience with Balance on a Shoestring and get a unique insight into just how financially vulnerable migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong are.

How do I Balance on a Shoestring?

  1. Download your #EnrichBOSS Challenge pack: here.
  2. Participate as an Individual or set up a Team
  3. Set up your Fundraising Page: here. (More details in the Challenge pack)
  4. Fill out this registration form: here.
  5. Enrich staff will get back to you with confirmations and then we balance!

If you can’t participate, you can also donate to the campaign: here or find a team to donate to!

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Remember to keep in touch with #EnrichBOSS. Thank you for your support for Enrich and Balance on a Shoestring!

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