Financial and Empowerment Education Programme for Migrant Domestic Workers

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Download our workshop syllabi: in English, and in Bahasa Indonesia.

Enrich workshop newcomers financial educationMONEY WISE NEWCOMERS (4 hour session) - Free workshop for newly arrived migrant workers (2 years or less in Hong Kong)

This workshop is offered to migrant domestic workers who have been here for two years or less.  Learn to avoid falling into heavy debts by developing skills and confidence to control income, handle work pressure, manage existing debt and achieve the goals you set before coming to Hong Kong.  Encourage a sound and loving relationship when talking to family about money issues and understand your rights and responsibilities as employees. To register, email or call us at 2386 5811.
enrich-programmes-money-wise-migrants enrich-programmes-mentoringMONEY WISE MIGRANTS (4 hour session) + Elective: One Half Day Mentoring Session (4 hour session)

An introduction to personal finance, tailor-made for migrant domestic workers. In this workshop, set realistic financial goals for the future in a supportive environment. Come away with stronger money management skills, a better understanding of debt management, plans for tracking expenses, and a practical budget plan.

Participants of the Money Wise Migrants workshop is invited to take part in a half-day mentoring session. Find more information on mentoring: here.
enrich-programmes-growing-my-moneyGROWING MY MONEY (2x 4 hour sessions)
An introduction to investment concepts, tools and instruments. Learn about the benefits of bank services, retirement plans and insurance. Understand the difference between insurance and investment. Also learn how to spot and avoid investment scams.
enrich-programmes-setting-up-my-businessSETTING UP MY BUSINESS (2x 4 hour sessions)
This two-session workshop is an introduction to entrepreneurship for those planning to start a business. The workshops cover basic business concepts, marketing, business finance, risks involved with setting up a business and contingency plans for when businesses fail.
enrich-programmes-speak-upSPEAK UP (3 hour session) 

A very practical introduction to the principles of assertive communication. Learn how Hong Kong law protects you from different forms of harassment and discrimination. Also practice standing up for yourself through role-play exercises with a particular focus on managing peer pressure and saying no to friends’ demands.
enrich-programmes-money-and-familyMONEY AND FAMILY (4 hour session)

A workshop on balancing the needs of your family, yourself and your future. Understand how to involve and educate your children, spouse or relatives in money matters. Learn how to support your family within your means and how to control both your own and your family’s spending.
Enrich’s Lunch & Learn series strives to address relevant and pressing issues faced by migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. These free lunchtime sessions welcomed distinguished speakers to talk with migrant woman on a range of issues from distant parenting, effective writing, and legal rights.

Bad Weather Arrangements at Enrich

Typhoon No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning If either of the above warnings is hoisted 2 hours before scheduled workshops, it will be cancelled . Registered participants will be contacted by Enrich staff to rearrange workshop attendance. If the warning is in force during workshop hours, workshop should continue and participants should stay safely indoors.
When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 3 or Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or below is in force, it should be assumed that all programs will be held as scheduled unless an announcement to the contrary has been made.