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Enrich is pleased to have participated in the Hong Kong Money Month 2017 initiative under the Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy (HKSFL) to raise awareness of the benefits of financial education. The Investor Education Centre is the Secretariat of HKSFL. (This post was updated on 22 March 2017)

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This year, we join 100+ organisations from the government, finance, education, community and media sectors for Money Month, Hong Kong’s first territory-wide financial education campaign. The campaign took place from 18 February to 18 March 2017, providing a diverse range of financial education activities offering money management resources, tools, tips as well as fun learning experiences to help members of the public plan ahead, manage their finances and achieve their life goals. Find useful resources from the Money Month initiative such as financial health checks, retirement planner and budget worksheets: here, and the new Money Learning Directory, a one-stop access to a diverse range of money management events, programmes and resources to facilitate and promote the making of informed financial decisions.

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The theme of Money Month 2017 was Let’s talk about money. Enrich provided family members and the domestic workers they employ with ways to manage money issues together to ensure a stable and healthy working situation for the whole household.

We were able to speak to 800 members of the general public at the kick-off Education Fair for Money Month held at Diamond Hill. All who approached us were curious and interested how Enrich helps migrant domestic workers and how, as employers of domestic workers themselves, could help their workers.

Learn more about the Hong Kong Strategy for Financial Literacy: here.


2017 is Enrich’s 10 Anniversary year. For 10 years we have been educating and empowering migrant domestic workers to change the ways they and their families manage money to achieve a more financially stable future. Join us as we reach our next 10,000: here. 

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